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Our Purpose


Our purpose is to impact, elevate, and inspire our team & customers to live a more fulfilled life that is optimized by nutrition, wellness, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  As a Project LeanNation franchisee, you will be on the front lines of assisting your members in living healthier, better lives. Serving your community in this way can be fulfilling and lucrative, the ideal combination for an entrepreneur with a heart to serve others.  PLN has a proven and unique brand position within one of the fastest growing industries.  We have worked tirelessly to create a highly replicable and profitable business model.

Ideal Candidate


We’re looking for partners who are outgoing and results-oriented with sales, marketing, and/or management experience. A person who can build relationships, lead a team, and has the motivation to excel! We are looking for those who love to see others win and be ready to make a strong commitment to the Project LeanNation brand and its vision.  As you consider joining our team there are several items for you to consider to see if you have what it takes — we don’t offer this opportunity to just anyone!

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Geography – Deep knowledge of local market dynamics, environment, and consumers
  • Skillset – Experience running and developing a successful business
  • Team Builder – Effectively grow, and retain employees through motivation, leadership & development.
  • Finances – Meet corporate minimums for financial qualifications
  • Community Alignment – Share PLN’s mission with a strong commitment to upholding our values, beliefs, and ethos

Why PLN?


Together we’re out to do something bigger than just providing healthy meals. We want to be the place that inspires healthy living within our communities.

Anyone can sell healthy meals. Why we do it best:

  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Recurring Revenue Model
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Small Retail Footprint
  • Semi-Absentee Management Model
  • Proven Operating Systems
  • Comprehensive Training & Support
  • Purposeful Product & Service
  • Production Partner (No Cooking)
  • Highly Committed Leadership

The Process


STEP 1: Schedule Discovery Call – A PLN Franchise Development Representative will contact you to provide an overview of what is involved in joining our team and to answer any initial questions you may have.

STEP 2: Discovery Day –  After Pre-Qualification, you will be invited to visit one of our active locations for what is known as Discovery Day.  We will go into detail about our systems, proven track record, sales, and marketing strategies and much, much more. If it feels like a fit our expectation is a Letter of Intent (LOI) with 50% of the upfront fee.

STEP 3: PLN University – Three days of full-on PLN emersion. Here we will discuss all the steps involved with opening your store including Pre-Launch, budgeting, financing, site selection, construction and more.

STEP 4: Open Store – It’s time to focus on build-out, execution of the Pre-Launch strategy and the recruitment of your staff. Our dedicated team supports you heavily during this phase. We develop a personalized plan for each new store and help you keep on track with your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a discovery Call?
A Project LeanNation Franchise Development Representative will contact you to provide an overview of what is involved in joining our team and answer any initial questions you may have.
What is a Discovery Day?
You will be invited to visit one of our active locations for what is known as a Discovery Day.

A Discovery Day is where we will go into detail about our systems, proven track record, sales, and marketing strategies, and much, much more.

We will go into detail about our systems, proven track record, sales, and marketing strategies and much, much more.

A Discovery Day is where they pull back the curtains and give you a behind the scene view of how things operate. Most importantly a Discovery Day is where share our core values and vision to make sure this is a good fit for all parties.

Discovery Days are also phenomenal opportunities to meet some of the leadership and support teams who will be supporting your business growth.

Disclaimer – Don’t be at all shocked if you are invited to a group workout, we love to see how our perspective franchisee’s mix with others.

What are the financial requirements to be considered?

There are three minimum financial requirements that must be met to be considered for the Project LeanNation franchise opportunity.

Minimum Credit Score:700
Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000
Minimum Net Worth: $250,000

*There can be considerations made if a candidate has access to equity, partners, or investors.

What is the perfect size for a PLN location?
1,200-1,500 square ft. of retail space is just right. We’ve found that a small space is beneficial to unit economics if there is possibility for offsite storage.
What are the estimated start-up costs?

The charts below outlines the estimated investment range factoring in such variables as market rental rates and other factors that will be unique to each franchise:

Franchise Fee $25,000
Travel $1,250
Rent/Security $7,500
Furniture & Fixtures $4,000
Signage $5,000
Opening Costs $6,000
Initial Inventory (Retail) $1,500
Equipment $25,000
Insurance $1,500
POS, Computer Equipment $2,250
Pre Open Marketing $10,000
Additional Funds (3 Mo) $15,000
AVG Total  $102,500

Estimated initial start-up cost range from $83,100 – $121,500 excluding buildout.

Construction, Remodeling & Improvements range from $25,000-$50,000. In most cases, this can be negotiated in (TI) tenant improvement allowance. 

What are the on-going Fees?

Franchisees pay an ongoing royalty fee of 5.75% of their store’s monthly gross sales.  We also require that franchisees spend an additional 1% of weekly gross sales on local store marketing. Additionally, every location currently pays a technology contribution of $150 per month. Starting in January of 2022 2% of gross sales will be allocated to a national marketing fund that will be focused on current markets. 

What makes a successful location?
What makes a good location for a Project Leannation? A good rule of thumb is to look for retail corridors with concentrations of middle to high income consumers with proximity to “anchor” retailers, business districts, schools, and gyms. Project LeanNation has an exciting store design that becomes the beacon for those seeking health. As customers walk into the store, they are immediately greeted by a highly enthusiastic team that is eager to help make the most out of their in-store experience. Our model is known for how we treat the lifeblood of our organization… our clients.
I'm ready to go. What is the next step?
After being a PLN client and advocate for health I took interest in partnering with PLN on the Charlotte market. We pre-launched our first location in 2017 and surpassed 1 million in revenue in our first full year. The success has been amazing. We are creating lasting change in our client’s lives all while building a profitable highly business.

Jeremy Batt

Owner, Project LeanNation South End

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Our partnership support system provides the necessary foundation to ensure your success. We are now looking for ambitious partners to help us in our mission to spread our positive food philosophy!

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