New Store Open (NSO) Process

The NSO process typically starts within 30 days from the date the franchise is awarded. This is our organizational process that provides the direction and timeline to get your new PLN Location up and successfully running. We discuss the steps involved with opening your store on our Foundation Onboarding call, including budgeting, financing, planning, site selection, ordering, construction, and more. Once complete, we will be locking in bi-weekly calls to review progress and provide additional clarity. Typical NSO Timeline From Date Franchise is Awarded (*This is based on avg timelines for funding, lease, permits, and construction)

  • Grand Opening 240 days out from the lease signing date.
  • Soft Open 195 days out from the lease signing date.
  • Execute Prelaunch Process 98 days out from the lease signing date.
  • Execute Prelaunch Planning 85 days out from the lease signing date.
  • Launch Prelaunch Storefront Tech 85 days out from the lease signing date.

Date Franchise Is Awarded

This is the date that your PLN franchise has been awarded to you. We have confirmed your territory, got all documents signed and submitted to legal, and have been fully funded. This sets our entire process in motion.

HQ Site Selection Visit

Franchisees use our Site Selection Guide to navigate seeking the perfect location with the help of a qualified commercial agent. Franchisees must identify the best three sited available in their market that meets our site criteria. When you have your sites selected HQ will fly in to share our feedback and help you make the best business decision possible.

Date Lease Is Signed 

This is is a big day in our process, all steps to a successful opening process are based on this date. As soon as the lease is signed made dates in our process are locked in. This gives everyone involved complete clarity on the next steps.

Launch PLN Storefront

We launch PLN Storefront 110 days before your first fulfillment date. Storefront is our proprietary software for managing our franchise system from end to end efficiently. It is efficient because PLN Storefront helps streamline our organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, inventory management, reporting, and more in a single system. Important Action Items 

Prelaunch Planning

Prelaunch planning is all about identifying outreach opportunities, high-traffic areas to leave materials, and community influencers to target. This is typically a two-week process that you will work on with HQ to maximize traction in your community.

Projected PreLaunch Date

The project prelaunch date would be the date you kick off your Community Activation process. Our pre-order strategy is the key to a successful launch. This allows our franchisees to sign up members prior to the first fulfillment date. Your prelaunch is your time to build that buzz and hype in your market.

HQ Training Visit Date

As soon as you have a C of O and our team has confirmed you have completed the PLN Checklist we will be flying out to set up your store and train your team. This is typically 2-3 days of intensive work and training.

Soft Open Date

Our soft open process offers many benefits for your location. Not only does it help you build anticipation before the grand opening, but a soft opening gives your team a practice run and lets you pinpoint opportunities in operation and member experience. . From there, it’s just minor tweaks to ensure success on grand opening day! One thing that makes our business genuinely unique is that we will be fulfilling your founding members for the entire soft launch. In a perfect world, we would be executing your first fulfillment on the same day as we start our soft open. This takes planning, adaptability, faith, and a little luck to date.

First Fulfillment Date

Your First Fulfillment Date is the day you will fulfill your founding members for the first time. This date aligns with the Soft Open date, if during your pre-market efforts timelines drag on, it is typically to extend the Fulfillment Date. Moving the First Fulfillment date can feel frustrating; we keep the focus on what we can control, and in those circumstances, we can focus our efforts on getting more founding members.

Grand Opening Kick Off Date

The goal of the Grand Opening is to drive a 10-20% subscription gain. Your location will utilize the current presale member base to generate referrals. The Grand Opening is also the opportunity to convert missed opportunities from presales to members. We should invite any leads from presales to this event. It is essential to promote the details of your Grand Opening Party ahead of time so that members and prospects can plan accordingly.

On-Track / Off-Track

This field allows us to add or subtract days in our timeline, so we have additional clarity on future action items on our NSO. Examples of On-Track / Off-Track 

  • Off-Track took an additional 45 days for the lease to be executed. Action, add 45 to the On-Track / Off-Track field in the NSO, and the spreadsheet will adjust accordingly.
  • On-Track – Your property owner has a construction crew working on other units on the property. They can start immediately because they already have permits pulled; they express they are 45 days ahead of schedule. Action, add –45 to the On-Track / Off-Track field in the NSO, and the spreadsheet will adjust accordingly.
NSO Foundations